Get App ID with List Records in Power Automate

The new UCI and the ability to have several model driven apps changed the playground a lot for us ol' dynamics folks. It brought shiny new capabilities and flexibility but it also brought a tiny bit of more complexity to the game. Suddenly when you want to send an e-mail with a record URL you... Continue Reading →

Compare Classic Workflows to Power Automate Flows

This past weekend I was in Amsterdam and presented on the differences between classic workflows and flows in Power Automate. It was such a great event, and a subject dear to my heart. I'm sharing my slides from the session if you would like to get an overview of my conclusions. Ask away if you... Continue Reading →

Getting a Dynamics 365 Trial with URS

Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) is not a standalone Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement First Party App like Sales, Customer Service, Field Service or Project Service Automation. Therefore there's been some confusion about how to get a hold of a trial that have URS installed. Well - let's clarify how in this article. URS (Universal Resource Scheduling)... Continue Reading →

New feature released: Quick Book in URS

A new, exciting and smoking hot feature for URS (Universal Resource Scheduling) was released in EMEA just earlier this week. It is the ability to enable quick scheduling for any entity in Dynamics CE that uses URS. How? Where? And why? Let's take a look. When do I need Quick Book? Even though the Scheduling... Continue Reading →

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